The carpenter's workshop of Victor Bogdanov

Unique and interesting handmade wooden objects

Our Advantages

Originality and uniqueness

All products are unique in their performance, their counterparts do not exist.


The work done by the hands at all times was highly appreciated. Such things continue to be popular in our day.

Eco-friendly material

For products used environmentally friendly material that has undergone a careful selection.

Great gift

Handmade wooden products are an excellent gift for people who value uniqueness and beauty.

Durability of wood products

Proper care can extend the life of the product several times.

Customized products

The ability to customize products according to your sketches.


Only one pair of hands, a set of tools, skills, and passion for working with wood.

Art for sale

Photo 1
The wall shelf
Size: 40*40*40 cm.
Material: Pine
Price: $18
Photo 2
The decorative stand
Diameter: 30 cm.
Material: Poplar
Price: $14
Photo 3
The chair
Maximum load: 100 kg.
Material: Birch
Price: $80
Photo 4
The tray
Size: 40*30 cm.
Material: Birch
Price: $25
Photo 5
The flower pot holder
Diameter: in assortment
Material: Pine
Price: $18
Photo 6
The chair
Maximum load: 100 kg.
Material: Poplar
Price: $80
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